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Photo series covering the smaller events and uncovering just as much as the bigger ones
Real doll sex with Rox and Markie
Change of Heart Pics: 22
With her relationship with Daphne in question, Rox seeks comfort and advice from Markie.
"What's it like being a porn star?" Markie pats Rox on the leg...
Real doll Daphne
Special Treat Photos: 14
While Angel snaps pictures, CJ and Markie sit behind him asking Daphne leading questions.
"Do you or Rox ever think of being with a guy?"
Picture of realdoll Gretchen
Candy Cane Pics: 15
Mrs J knew right away Gretchen was the perfect girl to have her most treasured toy.
Just unwrapped and within seconds Gretchen was working it.
Real doll Lu shows off
Show Us Your Assets Pictures: 20
Taffy convinces Lu to forget about the club's financials and put on a show.
"That's it Lu! Whoo Hoo!! Show some assets!"
Angel and realdoll Syndee get it done
Getting It Done Pictures: 12
"Markie sits in the director's chair crossing her legs, "Ready CJ? OK listen up! Shooting boxcover. Hot as you got."
Angel approaches Syndee.
Afternoon quickie with real doll Ragina
Afternoon Quickie Pictures: 18
Ragina's starting to fit in and have more fun at the Double D.
"Hey CJ! Does this get you hot?"
Lu and Angel alone at the Double D
Late Alone Pictures: 14
All empty at the Double D. Angel sweeps and notices a single light on upstairs in the office.
"Lu! What are you doing here all alone so late?"
Lick week
Lick Week Pictures: 16
Markie returns from vacation all energetic. First words out of her mouth are: "I'm officially declaring this week 'Lick Week'."
Koko grabs Angel and shouts, "Watch this, I'm Princess Lick."
Play with me
Play With Me Pictures: 24
Angel accidentally walks in on Vi, "Oh, sorry."
"That's OK, come in. Where's Lu?" "Working."
Vi shakes her head, "All work and no play... tisk tisk."
Realdoll Ragina
Ragina Photos: 16
Walking up to the club, Markie notices a girl sitting alone outside in the cold.
"Are you waiting for someone?" The girl shakes her head yes. "I'm Markie. What's your name?" The girl looks up, "Ragina."
Picture of realdoll CJ
Backstage Photos: 19
Krissy gives CJ tickets to see her band Lict perform at Palace D'Lux.
CJ convinces event security to allow her backstage.
Newly rich realdoll
Nouveau Riche Photos: 19
Taffy shows the Double D girls pictures from when she used to work in television.
"These are the pictures that started a real nasty sex scandal."
Taffy when she featured at clubs
Feature Act Photos: 11
I was the featured performer when I toured clubs. That was some time ago.
I still remember how I did my show. You know, I need to do that routine here at the Double D one day.
Realdoll Rox biker chick
Biker Chick Photos: 17
"Hurry up CJ. I gotta have the bike back by dark."
CJ shouts down to Rox, "I'm not ready yet. Go without me."
Tiber walks in. "Tiber. You ride?"
Jinx Xavier realdoll
Jinx Photos: 15
"May I help you?" "Yes, I'm Jinx Xavier. I'm here for a test photo shoot with photographer Angel."
"He's right over there. Xavier... is that any relation to Lord Winston Xavier?"
Shyenne real doll in sheer.
Sheer Pablo Photos: 10
A long time fan of the artful nude, Shyenne agrees to pose for artist/painter Pablo.
Exhibiting every cliche in the book for the artist type, Pablo directs Shy through varying looks as he switches between chin-in-hand and thumb-to-thumb framings.
Realdoll Taffy providing lipstick valet service.
Lipstick Valet Photos: 6
Just before driving off, Taffy made sure to entice each and every one that passed by the club.
Now everyone is calling it 'Lipstick Valet' service. You'll see why.
Runway doll Harmony decides to go nude.
Bedding Down Photos: 12
Lu's note reads:
Harmony hosts A-Babe's new bed show.
Whatever... No A-Babe doll can even come close to the Double D dolls.
Real doll Taffy as photographed by CJ.
Studio D Photos: 10
CJ opens Studio D to the public.
"Sit right there Taffy. Now look in the camera..." click!
"So CJ, how's business on your first day open?"
Doll Harmony from Smalltown.
Smalltown Photos: 10
Smalltown's runway model Harmony.
Photog Dan pauses briefly to acknowledge CJ entering the studio during Harmony's shoot.
Real doll Zoe's curves
Bodyscape Photos: 11
Double D's couches are filled with silent couples and trios caressing each other's bodies.
Zoe's in her VIP room adorned by the silence and subtle glow of light from downstairs.
Realdoll Daphne's tail side.
Cotton Tail
flip side
Photos: 11
With Daphne excited to embark on a new adventure, she takes this opportunity to work with Rox on inspiring ideas.
"Daphne, don't forget to showcase your finest asset."
Daphne real doll cotton tail.
Cotton Tail Photos: 11
"Listen Daphne, I'm sorry the Body 2 job didn't work out, but you can't keep spending every day in bed with Rox here in Angel and CJ's guest room. Let me bring in Rox to break some news to you."
Real doll Koko plans to get busy
Get Busy Plan Photos: 18
Tiber publishes the financials of the club. Koko offers to help.
She says, "Think big!" and has everyone excited to get busy. CJ, staring at Koko's tits, asks "How big?"
Realdoll dancer Taffy
Taff Dance Photos: 11
Truth be told, my past life as a dancer is still in me.
I did corporate for a while. Yuk! I found I really miss dancing. And I don't see it as a threat to my future.
After the Boudoir shoot
Post Boudoir Photos: 10
CJ can't resist Chloe after the shoot.
"Chloe, you looked so hot for the shoot. Let me see if I can properly thank you for posing for me."
Real doll Mrs J in a swimsuit ready for Doll Island.
Swimsuit Photos: 10
"Angel, do you think I should pack this swimsuit for the trip or a different one?"
"You look fabulous Mrs J, but you may not need them. On Doll Island most everything is done in the nude."
Erotic picture of Koko.
Highly Erotic Photos: 9
While Koko was in Double D's office, I took pictures of her working. And man did she work it! I got some real nasty shots, woo hoo! Check these out.
Everyone says, "CJ, you shoot better photos than Angel!" :) Really?
Zoe, real doll with a tan.
Quick Tan Photos: 11
Zoe soaking in the Doll Island sun.
Everyone's amazed how fast Zoe's getting brown, within minutes it seems. Passerbys are continually reminding her how to avoid tan lines. How considerate and nice of them.
Glamourous real doll CJ.
Glamour Doll Photos: 8
I stood back and watched while CJ adjusted the lighting, camera settings, lens, filters and framing.
She posed herself and only asked of me that I push the button to take the picture.
CJ Realdoll early pics in pink and black.
Pink and Black Photos: 23
With all the nostalgia going on at the Double D, Angel pulls out a very early set of photos he took of CJ.
CJ laughs, "Where did you find these? Oh my gawd, that's when I had the hair poof." tee hee!
Realdoll Vianne thinks pink in this short erotic story.
Think Pink Photos: 12
It's 'Think Pink' night at the Double D.
There's one simple rule to the theme tonight: Double D girls must flash pink to greet everyone. Who comes up with these rules? Rox...
Erotic short story Closer Look featuring real doll Zoe.
Closer Look Photos: 8
A closer look at Zoe.
I'm starting to really enjoy being photographed. Striking that great pose, getting that certain look.
CJ tries Secret Weapon on Angel.
Secret Weapon Photos: 13
With Angel due home any minute CJ dons a drop of 'Secret Weapon' and acts as usual.
The front door creaks, "CJ, you home?"
Breakfast Nook or is it Nookie?
Breakfast Nook Photos: 11
A mellow morning with my coffee and paper.
It's a beautiful day outside and have the entire day off from the Record Store! A full day with zero plans. Ahh.
Doll Island Para Golf
Para Golf Photos: 10
CJ's vacation photos from Doll Island.
"Taffy, Angel, here's me getting ready to play Para Golf. Remember that Zoe?"
Back from Doll Island
Back Home Photos: 10
Back from Doll Island, I sure missed CJ.
Being so used to perfect quiet all week, I didn't talk much about the trip. All I wanted to do was give a backrub, feel her touch and...
My elegant long black dress
Long Cool Photos: 14
I was saving this gown for a special night out on the town. Visions of limos and fine dining in my head.
So, I tried it on and made a wish that someday I may experience my enchanted evening.
Vi's CD single goes Triple Blonde
Triple Blonde Photos: 14
Celebrating Vi's CD single success.
Zoe finally meets up with Vi accompanied by Taffy during a celebration of Pump Rox going Triple Blonde (selling 3 copies)!
Double D wishes everyone a Merry Christmas!
Double D Noel Photos: 13
The Doll Doll Club's Christmas party and holiday cheer.
From the Doll Doll Club and, we wish you the merriest Holiday Season!
CJ Rocks It!
Rock It! Photos: 16
As a complete surprise to everyone, CJ enters the club in full rock attitude and dress.
She addresses the crowd, "I'd like to enter the Open Mike contest playing guitar."
CJ and Vi return home
Heartbreaker Photos: 17
Back from Doll General.
After visiting Angel in the hospital, Vi and CJ silently return to the house they grew up in.
Frannie and Ginny at Doll Motors
Doll Motors Photos: 17
Pablo asked Angel if he would shoot an ad for an auto dealership's grand opening in Dolltown.
Angel agreed and was pleasantly surprised to see Ginny and Frannie as the models.
Koko tantalizes
Challenge Photos: 18
Taffy challenges the club entertainers to a contest. Goal: Get Pablo to show his johnson. Not easy, given Pablo's reserve nature.
Koko darts for Pablo's table, grabbing his hand and taking him to the VIP room.
Koko wants to seduce CJ
Lick Me! Photos: 20
Angel shows up at the club at the request of Koko and while CJ's at work.
Koko explains, "Can we get a photo like CJ's, on the shoe?" "Sure." "Then some really hot ones she can take to work?" (grins coyishly)
Bo has a soft tail
Soft Tail Photos: 18
Rolling up in front of the Double D surrounded in motor rumble, Bo parks to showcase her new ride.
"Angel, wanna ride?"
Tafffy looks to recruit new talent
Job Fair Photos: 13
Taffy attends Doll University's job fair.
"O my gawd, Taffy! I never expected to see you here!" Taffy jokes with CJ, "Would you like to see what the Doll Doll has to offer?"
Angel wants Ginny
Go For It Photos: 20
Angel decides to recruit more A-Babe girls. First on his list to join Bo and Elaina is Ginny. He thinks she's just so damn hot.
Ginny invites Angel to A-Babe to review her qualifications.
Koko puts on a wet t-shirt display
Wet T-Shirt Photos: 10
Everyone's complaining of the heat of Summer.
Ironically as Koko starts a wet t-shirt display, everyone's thankful of the high heat.
Driving while clothed is illegal in Calico County
County Line Photos: 24
Bo and 'Laina get pulled over.
"Uh oh Bo, it's the Calico County Sheriff."
"G'afternoon ladies. You were travelling a bit too clothed back there."
© 2001-2008, Marvel Arts Abyss Creations ™ Realdoll